Aerial Course Safety Rules & Procedures

Last updated: April 2024

Welcome to Homestead Adventure Park! For your safety and enjoyment, we have established the following participation requirements. Please take a moment to review them before starting your adventure:

  1. Waiver Agreement: All adventurers must sign a waiver before beginning. If you’re under 18, a legal guardian needs to sign for you.
  2. Footwear: Closed-toe shoes are required.
  3. Height Restrictions: You must be between 3’6” and 6’6” tall.
  4. Weight Restrictions: Adventurers must weigh between 50lbs and 275lbs.
  5. Equipment Fit: Despite the above requirements, only participants who properly fit in the available harnesses and helmets may participate.
  6. Physical Requirements: All adventurers must be able to climb a single flight of stairs without assistance.
  7. Health Restrictions: Individuals with back, neck, or spinal injuries, heart conditions, or other medical conditions that could affect their experience should not participate.
  8. Pregnancy: Those who are pregnant or suspect they might be should refrain from participating.
  9. Equipment Use: Only equipment provided by Homestead Adventure Park is permitted on the course.
  10. Substance Policy: Persons suffering the effects of alcohol or drugs will be prohibited from use.
  11. Prohibited Items: Smoking and weapons are not allowed in the park.
  12. Loose Articles: All loose items, including cameras and mobile devices, must be securely stowed.

Safety and Screening Procedures

Our Guides are highly skilled and are stationed throughout the park for your safety. It is crucial that you follow their instructions at all times. Failure to comply with these guidelines or the directions of our Guides may result in immediate removal from the park.

Homestead Adventure Park and our Guides reserve the right to deny participation to anyone who does not meet these requirements.

Your safety is our top priority. By adhering to these requirements, you help us ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone. Thank you for choosing Homestead Adventure Park for your adventure!

Ensuring Safety and Inclusivity Through Our Participant Screening Process

At our organization, we are dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all our participants. Understanding that each activity and individual comes with its own set of unique circumstances, we have developed a comprehensive participant screening process that adapts to a variety of scenarios.

Whether it’s the type of activity, the level of difficulty, or the specific environment, our screening process is designed to gather all necessary information to ensure every participant can safely and fully enjoy their experience. This includes soliciting sufficient details from our clients or participants, which may range from pertinent medical history to other relevant information.

Our goal is to maximize participant inclusion while maintaining the highest standards of safety and enjoyment in all our activities. Join us in creating memorable, secure, and inclusive adventures.

Before embarking on our aerial adventure, all guests will undergo a screening to confirm they meet the safety requirements. Thanks to the moderate physical demands and straightforward nature of our course, a skills assessment won’t be necessary. Instead, our trained guides will provide a comprehensive demonstration to introduce you to the equipment and personal protective gear you’ll be using, ensuring a smooth start to your adventure.

Entry into the Park

Here’s what to expect when you arrive:

  • Head to our ticketing kiosk to fill out a waiver and undergo a quick height and weight check by one of our friendly staff members.

  • Guests not meeting the height and weight criteria will, unfortunately, have to sit this one out for safety reasons.

  • If the staff member suspects that the adventurer does not meet the requirements listed under “Aerial Course Safety Rules and Procedures” (e.g. the patron appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol) they will be refused entry into the activity

Safety is our top priority, ensuring everyone has a great time within the bounds of our safety guidelines.

Getting Started

  • Upon arrival, head to our harnessing area where our friendly staff will equip you with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure your safety throughout the course.

  • In the interest of safety, our staff may assess your motor function. If the adventurer demonstrates a lack of sufficient motor function (e.g. guests needing assistance to walk), they may be respectfully declined participation but will receive a gift certificate.

  • If PPE fitting is an issue due to unavoidable reasons like headwear for cultural practices, we will unfortunately have to deny entry but will provide a gift certificate.

Guided Instructions

  • Once you’re all set with your PPE, one of our skilled guides will take you through the course rules and demonstrate how to use the equipment properly.

  • Key rules include:

    • A maximum of two climbers on any course element at a time.

    • PPE must be worn at all times and adjusted only by our trained staff.

    • Follow our guides instructions promptly to ensure everyone’s safety.

    • Non-compliance will necessitate removal from the activity for safety.

Using the Equipment

  • Our guides will take an unused Kanopeo Saferoller and attach it to the lifeline.
  • Our guides will introduce you to the Kanopeo Saferoller system, showing how it securely attaches to the lifeline and stays put throughout your adventure.

If a guide suspects at any point that a guest does not understand the rules or equipment and may pose a threat to themselves or others in the course, they may refuse them entry into the activity and offer a gift certificate.

On the Course

  • With the safety briefing complete and your Saferoller attached, you’re ready to tackle the course! Rest assured, our trained staff will supervise all participants to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

We’re thrilled to offer an adventure that is not only thrilling but safe for all our guests. Thank you for choosing to adventure with us, and let’s make it a memorable experience!